What Makes AO Sunglasses Such Iconic Eyewear

Sunglasses have been a statement of style and functionality for many decades, but few have achieved the iconic status bestowed upon AO Sunglasses. With almost 200 years of history, AO Sunglasses are a product of profound legacy and innovation, etching an indelible mark in the realm of eyewear. Let’s delve into what makes this brand symbolize more than just a pair of shades.

Inception: Crafting A Vision

American Optical, the manufacturer of AO Glasses, was founded by William Beecher in 1826 in Southbridge, Massachusetts. It started as a small optical shop and slowly transformed into a coveted eyewear manufacturer, laying down the foundation of an iconic brand.

Milestone Moments

  • First-ever Safety Glasses: AO’s commitment to eye protection led to the creation of the “O-Ring” goggle, the first-ever safety glasses, which protected the eyes of countless workers during World War II.
  • Sunglasses in Space: The “Original Pilot” sunglasses were used in space by astronauts on the Mercury Mission. This made AO Sunglasses the first sunglass brand in space, a unique distinction that elevates them beyond the ordinary.
  • Hollywood Stardom: The silver screen immortalized AO Sunglasses. Celebrities donned AO Sunglasses in prominent movies like “Mad Men” and “Apollo 13,” further boosting their popularity and fashion appeal.

Core Elements Of AO’s Iconic Status

  • Quality And Craftsmanship

Each pair of this iconic eyewear is a product of meticulous craftsmanship and exceptional quality. AO Sunglasses have been endorsed by figures like John Philip Sousa and Neil Armstrong, further testifying to the brand’s commitment to quality and the value they provide.

  • Innovative And Functional Design

AO has always been a pioneer of eyewear technology. The original aviator design with UVA/UVB protection, the use of lightweight and durable materials, the comfortable fit, and timeless style – all define AO’s focus on innovation and functionality.

  • Timeless Appeal

The aesthetic appeal of AO iconic eyewear is timeless, captured in designs versatile enough to suit any occasion, be it a classy red carpet event or a casual day out in the sun.

  • A Legacy Of Celebrities And Heroes

AO’s impressive roster of patrons, ranging from musicians, actors to astronauts, embeds them in a narrative of inspiration and achievement, fueling their iconic status.

More Than Just A Sunglass

AO Sunglasses represent more than just a piece of eyewear; they deliver a unique blend of history, innovation, quality, and style that sets them apart. On one hand, they reflect the aspirations of many to break barriers, like the astronauts who ventured into space. On the other, they resonate with the glamour and panache of Hollywood.

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