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Why The Size Of Your Sunglass Lenses Is So Important

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses can be a tricky affair. More often than not, our focus is riveted on the design, brand, and cost. Seldom do we consider the size of the lenses, an aspect as critical as others. Below we unravel why the size of lenses is so important and how it directly impacts vision protection and comfort.

Interplay Of Sunglasses And Vision

Sunglasses, originally designed to protect our eyes, have made a significant foray into the realm of fashion and style. Unbeknownst to many, the lens size plays a pivotal role in fulfilling the fundamental purpose of sunglasses – to shield our eyes from harmful UV rays.

Crucial Factors: Protection, Comfort And Aesthetics

  • Protection from Sun’s Harmful Rays: The primary function of sunglasses is to shield your eyes from dangerous UV rays, minimizing the risk of developing sight-threatening ailments like cataracts or macular degeneration. The larger the lens, the more coverage it offers, ensuring greater defense against these rays. Therefore, oversized or wraparound styles could provide superior defense as they block rays that might sneak in from the sides.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Ever experienced discomfort on bright sunny days despite wearing sunglasses? This inconvenience could be attributed to the small lens size, which allows more light to dazzle your eyes. Larger lenses restrict the amount of light entering your eyes from all angles, inducing comfort and reducing strain.
  • The Aesthetic Appeal: Larger sunglass lenses also cater to aesthetic appeal, conjuring a sense of luxury, style, and mystery. They can imbue a fashion-forward look or add an air of vintage charm to your ensemble, depending on the design of the frames.

Understanding The Shape And Size Balance

While larger lenses confer numerous benefits, understanding the equilibrium between your face proportion and the sunglass size is crucial to ensure they provide optimal protection without compromising on style and comfort. People with smaller faces may find oversized sunglass lenses overbearing and uncomfortable. Conversely, those with larger faces might need bigger lenses for adequate coverage.

Recommended Lens Sizes By Activity

Certain activities demand specialized sunglass lens sizes due to varying protective needs:

  • Driving: Sunglasses with medium-sized lenses are typically adequate for driving as they prevent light leakages without obstructing peripheral vision.
  • Water and Snow Sports: For people engaging in water sports or skiing, larger lenses or wraparound styles are ideal as they reduce water or snow glare.
  • Outdoor Sports: Activities like cycling or running may benefit from larger lens sunglasses or wraparound styles owing to the enhanced peripheral vision and protection required.